Mechanical Magic:  MCT Sequential TWO - S200

Mechanical Magic: MCT Sequential TWO - S200

Last year we heard rumours that MCT (Manufacture Contemperaine du Temps), one of the most creative Swiss Independent brands would announce their second model. In March, this year the brand confirmed that the Sequence TWO would be presented at Basel World. We reported briefly about the watch HERE.


The Sequential ONE, with its gorgeous cushion shaped case and mechanical hand wound movement, developed and built by MCT, is an magnificent piece of machinery that looks amazing on the wrist. Since the case measures 45 x 45mm, you need to have the right wrist to wear the watch comfortably. For me it was unfortunately a bit on the large side, so I was eagerly looking out for the new model to give it a try.


Recently I visited MCT at their headquarters to discover the new timepiece. As soon as I had the watch in my hand, I felt and discovered the differences between the square and the round model. Both have the C Shaped Arc, that turns around every hour to highlight the new hour. But the square model has the minute indexes on the C-Shaped arc, while the round model has the minute indexes on the outside of the dial, just like most watches, which makes it easier to read.


The Sequential TWO also got a whole new, by MCT built and developed automatic caliber, with 18K gold micro rotor and 40 hours of power reserve. Hand-finished movement bridges offer an eye-catching contrast to the warm glow of the red gold eccentric weight, screws and mainspring. The great looking and smooth working rotor, that gives the movement a spectacular look, besides the fact that an automatic movement, is quite convenient compared to a mechanical hand wound caliber. Finishing on the Sequential TWO is second to none, with all bridges hand-chamfered and adorned with “Côtes de Genève”.

– The micro rotor and the incredibly amazing finishing of the movement –

The amazing system with the rotating blinds, MCT‘s signature, remains and is the visual attraction, that the Sequential ONE and TWO have in common. The actual rotation of the blinds happens when the current hour is already highlighted. These blinds turn slowly and it happens when they’re partly covered by the C-Shaped Arc.

ChangingHour – Every time it is great to see how the hours are changing in the back ground –

When it comes to wearing the watch and combining it with the right outfit, it seems that the Sequence TWO matches itself easily to the style of its owner. Although the watch is not small and not meant to be a dress watch, it was cool to find out how good it looks and how well it fits, with a pair of cufflinks, dress shirt and a suit.


– Paired with a couple of silver Cartier cufflinks, the watch fitted easily under my cuffed shirt –


Casual clothing is as important as a formal outfit and again the watch looks very cool too. The button of the cuff of the (button down) shirt was closed in the picture underneath and with jeans a suede jacket, the watch feels right at home.


The fact that the watch wears smaller is thanks to the bended construction of the pretty short lugs. Very unusual is the construction of the case and the sapphire domed crystal. The glass is all the way to the edge of the case and this is one of the few watches around that actually has no bezel at all. The entire diameter of the case is occupied by the impressive dial, where all the action is happening. Another smart feature of the case is the slice of sapphire crystal between the front and back case elements. This strip of crystal allows light to come into the case and on the movement.

– The construction of the short lugs, is responsible for the great wearing comfort, that I experienced –

MCT‘s patented system was tested extensively and has been in use since 2008, when MCT announced the Sequential ONE. During the last six years it has proven to be very reliable. Time flies when one realises that the Sequence ONE has already been in use by collectors for quite some years.

– The ingenius deployant buckle works great and looks impressive –

MCT timepieces always come on a gold and titanium deployant buckle (or all titanium for the Sequential ONE Skeleton) A solid working buckle with an integrated safety system, designed as a piece of art.


MCT has presented an amazing watch and for me the absolute coolest watch that was presented at Basel World this year. Whether it is better than the Sequential ONE is up to you. The fact is however that both watches can exist next to each other and although they do share the magic of the Rotating Numerals and prism display, they are very different. Both have their own fit, their own style and own personality. Trying these two watches is exciting and an experience that belongs on the bucket list of every watch enthusiast!