Geneva Watch Days 2023: Armin Strom One Week First Edition with an Integrated Bracelet

New case, bracelet, and movement.

At Geneva Watch Days 2023, independent watchmaker Armin Strom revisits its earliest movement, the ARM09 from 2009, and gives it a worthy makeover. This results in the One Week First Edition, which not only boasts an upgraded movement but also features a new case and an integrated bracelet.

The new case and bracelet are finished with thin, shiny beveling along the edges

Revamped aesthetics

The most obvious change compared to the original 2010 version is the design. The new First Edition features a more streamlined case, moving away from the “triple” lugs that evoke Lange & Hyne watches. The new case incorporates integrated lugs and, naturally, an integrated bracelet, resulting in a more fluid appearance. The only element that stands out is the crown guard, which is common in integrated bracelet sport watches.


On the other hand, the dial has been made more intricate. It has been openworked to expose more of the twin barrels, along with the new feeler-and-cone power reserve mechanism.

The One Week Air with the original ARM09 movement

These two alterations are a positive step, as they lend a more professional air with the skeletonized dial while preserving an overall clean and sleek look, thanks to the streamlined case.


In terms of color, Armin Strom has adopted the fashionable light blue and combines it with black to create a strong contrast and a refreshing look and feel. Notably, the application of light blue continues throughout the watch, and in an unusual manner, the movement plates are also dressed up in light blue, completing a full package and demonstrating attention to detail.

The exposed barrel ratchet wheels, unusually placed on the front, make winding up the watch enjoyable, with wheels rotating in view

Seven days running time

The new watch is named the One Week due to its extended power reserve of precisely seven days. While a long power reserve is no longer that unusual, it still captures attention when encountered, especially since the standard usually settles at about three days.


Furthermore, the movement holds special significance for the brand, not only because of the power reserve, but also because it represents the brand’s inaugural movement development. According to the brand, it developed and constructed the ARM09 in 2009, and it was employed in the 2010 launch of the original version of the One Week.


Today, the new ARM21 movement retains the distinctive one-week power reserve but has undergone several upgrades. First, the beat rate has been increased from 18,000 vibrations per hour to 25,200 vibrations per hour, which should result in improved timekeeping stability.

The ARM21 with splashes of light blue
The most attractive part of the back: a classic balance assembly with nice details, including a free-sprung balance and an escape wheel bridge. The movement's finishing is clean, precise, and modern, with the customary 45-degree bevels but also with more appealing touches like the curved and polished countersinks on the escape wheel bridge.

Second, the power reserve indicator has been relocated from the sub-dial at nine o’clock (see the One Week Air above) to a dedicated counter at 11 o’clock. Additionally, the mechanism for the power reserve indicator has shifted from the more common differential gear system to a more traditional feeler-and-cone system. Not only is the new mechanism more interesting, but the redesign also adds to the symmetrical layout with two new bridges on the left, echoing the two barrels on the right.


As the watch is wound and unwound, a visible cone located around seven o’clock moves up and down a vertical screw. This movement of the cone is then sensed by a ruby-tipped feeler, positioned just below the eight o’clock marker. The feeler reads the cone’s height (via tension) and transmits this information to the power reserve display at 11 o’clock. The transmission itself is not visible, as it is concealed beneath the time-telling sub-dial, and it occurs through a rack and an intermediate wheel. 

Front view of the ARM21 with the time-telling dial removed, revealing the rack that forms part of the power reserve mechanism underneath

Armin Strom One Week First Edition Specs and Price

Movement: ARM21, manual wind, 7 days of power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve indicator
Case: 41 x 10.6 mm, steel, water-resistant to 100 m
Strap:  Steel bracelet
Limited edition: 25 pieces
Price: USD 34,000


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