Founded in 1983 by Gerd-R. Lang, Chronoswiss began its watchmaking adventure in Munich, introducing Swiss-made mechanical wristwatches and pocket watches. At first, the company mass- produced pieces using modern calibers and manufactured limited specialties. In 1987, the company launched the Régulateur hand wound wristwatch, its first mass-produced wristwatch with a regulator-type dial. In 1990, Chronoswiss began manufacturing its watches in Munich. Since February 2012, Chronoswiss has relocated to Switzerland under the ownership of Oliver Ebstein and his family, strengthening the regulators as the creative signature, in line with the technical originality that Mr. Lang defined for the brand since its inception. It is unfair to say that Chronoswiss is a cult brand, but those of us who follow the brand closely genuinely admire it for its regulator-type watches, a concept massively developed by the house in 1987. Despite a recent resurgence in this type of watchmaking, no other watchmaker has explored and achieved as much as Chronoswiss. 

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