Cartier: First Encounter With The Tank MC

Better late than never. Last Friday I was finally able to get hold of the new Tank MC, four weeks after the watch was announced and after our article was posted with the first press pictures, that you can find HERE

When looking at the following pictures I took, please bear in mind, that when I received the watches, the crown was pulled out and the watches were all set at 9 minutes past 10. ideal setting for photography. I did however not push the crown back, when I started to shoot, to prevent them from running. So in normal life, the crown is closer to the side of the case!

The new Tank MC has now officially landed in the Boutiques, in four different versions. A steel version with cream- or black dial and the pink gold version with cream- or chocolate dial. All dials have that very nice guilloche, where Cartier is famous for. Unfortunately the pink gold with chocolate dial was not available, but I am sure that the guilloche will be in line with the black dial.

My first reaction when I handled the watch, was right away, more than positive!
Build quality and looks are just awesome!


This is a Tank that has all the masculine aspects a watch can have and still has the elegance and refinement of a Cartier Tank. It also shows that a men’s watch does not need to be huge, since the new MC is certainly not small, but absolutely not fashionable over sized.


The slightly curved case of the watch has a new design and a completely new construction, but the strong lines and crown are reminiscent of the later versions, of the very first Cartier Tank: the ‘Tank Normale’, now updated to the 21st century. With modest dimensions of 44 x 34.3mm and 9.5mm thick, the MC has a size that will fit any wrist and actually also suit any occasion. Even under a cuffed shirt, the watch behaves very well!

Dark dials of some of the Cartier models are not always very easy to read. Not so with the black version of the Tank MC. Almost under any angle the time was very good readable.


The ‘Sub Seconds @ 6’, is a neat complication that gives the dial a masculine touch. It is a feature that Cartier had already applied, on one of their Tank Normale models, released around 1926. Pictured here underneath.


Also one of the first, quartz powered and smaller, Tank American models from 1988, had a sub seconds @ 6 and was a great looking watch.

A classic Tank dial looks stunning and uncluttered without the large sweep seconds and this ‘petite complication’, gives a lot of charm to this new Tank MC.
As for the date window; here commerce has won from aesthetics, since the dial would have looked way better and more in balance if the digit III would have remained tact. It’s a given fact, that in general men prefer to have a watch with a date, so this new good looking addition to the Tank line, got a date window @ 3.


There has been some criticism about the back of the watch, mainly the fact that the sapphire window is rectangle, while the movement is round. Cartier could of course have chosen for a closed back, or a back with a round port hole window, like the Tank Americaine XL has. Northing wrong with that, but this rectangle window, where the Geneva stripes of the caliber continue, is in my opinion, a very smart and creative idea. It gives the back of the watch, a cool and techno look.

Inside the case houses the 1904 MC-PS automatic caliber, (Manufacture Cartier – Petite seconde) developed by Cartier and build completely in house. This caliber that has been endlessly discussed in the magazines, was first introduced in 2010 in the ‘Calibre de Cartier’ watch, The movement is now the foundation for other calibers like the 1904-CH MC, that powers the Calibre chronograph and for the 9914MC caliber, that was used for the Tortue Multiple Timezone watch. The 1904 MC-PS is a strong workhorse and since it is in use with the Calibre watch, it has been proved to be very reliable. Water resistance is 30 meters and the power reserve is up to 48 hours.

With its sturdy construction and its techno look, this new Tank MC is a typical men’s only watch, that can adapt to any occasion, from sports to business and……this is Cartier’s first steel Tank with a Manufacture movement! Pricing of the steel version of the Tank MC is just under that of a steel Santos 100, so the watch offers excellent value for money!


Cartier has surpassed itself with the introduction of this magnificent new Men’s Tank, that from a DNA point of view, is the perfect step forward, in the natural evolution of La Maison’s incomparable collection of Tank watches.

(Please do not forget that the crown is pulled out in all pictures)

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  1. Paolo says:

    Vvery nice article Geo. And superb pic’s!
    My compliments.

  2. GEO says:

    Thanks Paolo! Let me know what you think of the watch, when you’ve seen it!
    Ciao, GEO

  3. Carl Haluss says:

    Cartier really had outdone itself this time IMO! Thank You, GEO, for the great writeup and photos.
    I can only agree with you regarding the date at 3 o’clock. Still, I think Cartier did a beautiful job with it, and it definitely fits in with the overall looks of the dial.
    It is so refreshing to see that they have the traditional hands, including the seond hand on the small seconds dial. The silvered hands look great on that blak dial as well! As you know, I would likely have kept my Calibre if it was not for those lumed hands. I suppose, since the Calibre was designed for men, they figured the lume is necessary as is the date.
    I will have go get down to the Boutique soon and have a look.
    Thanks again, GEO, always a pleasure to visit here and read your threads!

  4. Carl Haluss says:

    I forgot to ask you, GEO, how you find the comfort of the clasp on the watch strap, I believe it’s a deployant clasp? I was not fond of the clasp on my stainless Tank Solo, but I believe this one on the MC is a different design.
    Also, I took a closer look at the back of the case. Very well done. I also like watches where the case is just large enough to contain the movement, and not larger. It looks like Cartier accomplished this, and the case is thus no bigger than necessary.
    Cheers again,

  5. GEO says:

    Hi Carl, You’re right about the back, it is beautifully done and so different too.
    It is a very good size to wear, not too small and certainly not too big, since it fits
    very comfortable under a cuffed shirt, when needed. As for the folding buckle,
    it works well as long as the strap on the inside is not too long. When both ends
    are pretty short, it fits well. Would love to hear your comments when you have seen the watch,
    since you are pretty picky on details. Cheers, GEO

  6. paul says:

    Looks pretty small on the wrist. What is you wrist size?

    1. GEO says:

      My Wrist size is 18cm Paul, hope you can convert that into inches,
      if that’s needed. It’s definitely not a small watch. But it’s all
      a matter of taste.

  7. Carl says:

    18cm is just over 7in, 7.1in to be exact.

  8. Vincent says:

    Very nice watch!
    And very nice article!
    I currently wear the Tank Solo XL but I look forward seeing this new Tank MC (black dial) very soon!

    1. GEO says:

      Thanks Vincent, I am sure you will like the new MC, it is very different from the Tank Solo,
      not only the design, but especially the finishing and of course the movement. The black dial
      is cool. I prefer the classic white, but the black dial is different and very good readable.

  9. LouivilleFounder says:

    Are they only sold through Cartier boutiques? If so, how long will it be before authorized Cartier dealers will stock them?

    1. GEO says:

      It is a normal procedure, that the product arrives first in the Boutiques,
      usually only a few weeks earlier. But the Tank MC will be available at the dealers in September.

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