Blancpain Presents World Oceans Day 2021

Blancpain Presents World Oceans Day 2021

The 2021 United Nations World Oceans Day will bring to focus “the wonder of the ocean and how it is our lifesource, supporting humanity and every other organism on Earth.” This year’s theme is The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods, and is produced by the Division of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations, in partnership with non-profit organization Oceanic Global, supported by La Mer and, of course, long time presenting partner, Blancpain.

For Blancpain, exploration and preservation of the world’s oceans has been a long standing core value. Fortified by the almost 70-year heritage of the Fifty Fathoms diving watch, Blancpain has forged close ties with explorers, photographers, scientists, and environmentalists to showcase and protect the oceans in a meaningful and impactful manner. It is with this in mind that the brand penned the Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC). One initiative that was birthed out from BOC is Blacnpain’s involvement as a recurring partner to the annual World Oceans Day.

World Oceans Day 2021 will center itself largely around the discussion of humanity’s relationship with the ocean, how things in our everyday lives often originate from ocean science and resources (unbeknownst to us). It will take a close look at the realities of the impact that human activity has had on the ocean and solutions that can be put into practice in order to draw a balance to requirements versus necessities.

To catch the whole proceedings, which will be held virtually for the second year, including keynote speakers, tune in to the following link: The program starts Tuesday, 8th June, 2021 10am – 5pm EDT

Learn more about Blancpain and the BOC, here.